Monday, 10 December 2012

Vincent Power!

Ben at Sideburn Magazine sent me these shots of a vincent powered outfit looking like something out of a Mad Max film on display at last weekends Kempton Park classic off road show. Great to see some vintage sidecars still knocking about. I'm going to be involved in bringing an early 70's outfit back to life in 2013, more on that to follow......

P.S. Was this an earlier incarnation of the outfit? looks like it could have been, or were there a few vincent propelled monsters back in the day?

Update: I received this from my new goldmine of Grasstrack facts and artefacts, Carl Croucher. Thanks Carl.

'In answer to your question regarding the pictures of the Vincent grass track outfit YES they are one and the same! The black and white picture is of it in its hayday being raced right handed by Alan Jones from Liverpool. the colour pictures show it set up for left hand racing in the vintage class (plus the odd trip into mainstream left hand racing) in the hands of its owner Stuart Towner.'


  1. Yorkshire driver Dennis Teasdale had a Vincent powered grasstrack outfit in the 70s. I guess there were a few Vincent engined outfits around in the 60s and 70s.

  2. I guess they weren't as pricey back in those days