Monday, 15 December 2014

Plan B!!?

Time for plan B. After numerous weeks cleaning, and ah…ing, auto jumbles searching for missing parts, a chat with friends at  Redmax Speed Shop has confirmed our suspicions that it will take more time and money than it is realistically possible to muster to have the Pre-unit Triumph with AMC gearbox up and running for the spring. It's still the ultimate aim to get it restored but it seems a plan B is need for next year that still fits the new ACU twin sidecar class regs. Big thanks to Lisa & kenny White, John Smith, Jez Phillips & Bill Carter for the time, ideas and parts. It's back to the drawing board Bill!
My favourite two crews of the late eighties / early nineties

Southern Off-Road Show goodies

Both Sets of leathers for £95, both fit (sort of!) 

1977 Western Winner title taking outfit - Rode by Jez Phillips And Pete Dulake, Put together  by Bill Carter

First things first!

First thing to sort is the Front wheel, it doesn't fit, there is some play there as the spindle is not quite the correct size. Bill Carter (builder of Jez Phillips 1977 Western Winner winning outfit) makes me up some bushes to fit over the spindle and solve the problem. 

couldn't find the right cutting tool in the garage, so Bill just makes one. probably simple to an engineer, quite impressive to me!

New Project

New Project! After displaying Kenny White's old outfit at the 2013 masters, a few chats with 1975 British champ Alan Artus and a little bit of contact with the ACU it seems there may be the possibility of a vintage R/H chairs class starting up running together with a budget class of modern 500cc twin powered right -handers….Over optimistic?….probably, but this is my the beginning of my attempt to join in the fun. A crashed Puma rolling Chassis, Straightened by original Puma man, Pete Davies. Thanks to Allan Davies for sending it my way.