Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas comes early

Another nugget from ebay, had this when it came out, it went missing somewhere over the years. Great photos, can't wait to read it now that i can read big words. There are some on amazon, pretty pricey though!


  1. Good book - I had this too and also lost mine along the way, along with all of my copies of Track Racing Review :(

    Great blog by the way... not much in the way of British grasstrack memories on the web, so I really look forward to your posts.

  2. Thanks!...that's why i started doing it, just to have one place to view the few things i can find on-line and try to uncover some more things. I can't believe Grasstrack is not bigger than it is. Have got hold of some 70's film footage to put up as soon as i can get it edited together.

    do you know when Track Racing Review started? how old were the issues you had?

  3. Track Racing review ran for about 4 years from 1998 onwards. I also had the old MCN specials and some old Grass Track Pictorials, but they all got binned/torched when my ex emptied the contents of the garage during our divorce. There was also all of my old photographs from the Lakes GTC meetings and some from Staffordshire in the 80s... I still have a few that I'll scan soon and put up on my own blog, I'll let you know when they're uploaded to view.