Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Ace of Aces

Fantastic TV special from 1987 shot at Ian Barclay's international meeting 'The Ace of Aces'. Features Simon Wigg talking over the details of his bike, Sidecar passenger view on board shots, interview with champion female passenger Lisa Pinfold and more.

I wish the Ace of Aces was still running, some of the best grasstrack meeting ever in my opinion.


  1. Excellent find - brought back many great memories. If you're on Facebook I think you'd really enjoy this page. Lots of old riders, drivers and fans posting their memories and old photographs...

  2. thanks for the heads up about 'Memories of Grasstrack' Facebook page which lead me on to "Grasstrack Classics' both fantastic as is your own motofreako....thanks again!