Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The wonders of ebay

So... I'm trawling ebay as I often do looking for old programmes from Grasstracks my dad may have raced in, I come across one that looks right, local track, right year, so I ask the seller if one of the sidecar outfits in the entrants is No.69 Brian Hatch/ Lew Wharton. I'm well pleased to find out it does, bid, win, done. When the envelope arrives it's a bit bigger than it should be and when I open it this wonderful human being has bothered to print off 4 pictures he took on the day of my dad that I'd never seen before and send them along too for no extra charge! The old man is well happy as he has fond memories of that meeting, in his words 'we cleaned up that day'. There wasn't enough space in the box for all the positive feedback. Thank you again whoever you are.

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