Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Jez Phillips & Peter Dulake on their Honda and kawasaki powered outfits

Showcasing their wide open around the outside style

Not one to take things too seriously, Jez pulls faces for the camera (mid-race!!)


  1. Wowie cant believe we have gone on here and seen my brother Jez Phillips posted what a lovely time we had supporting him in the 70s Bill Carter my husband was their mechanic. We went from Kent to Cornwall each weekend somewhere different a huge crowd of us camping out and watching them with Alan Clark and Dave Pope as well as Scratch and Louie. We went to Sherfield English, Mere, Portsmouth Airport, Wimborne Whoppa and of course that fantastic track at the Western Winner the biggest meeting of the year 1975-1976. The mid to the late seventies was the golden era of grass track racing especially for sidecars when the first kawasaki four cylinder engine outfits appeared those of Jack Knight, Pete Robson, Jez Phillips, and Alan Clark a lot more were to follow. How about the four cylinder 500cc tz yamaha engine outfits of Alan Artus, Paul Pinfold what great times. Bill and Liz Carter

    1. Thanks for you comment Liz, great to hear from you. If you have any photos from the time I would love to see them! I've seen one of jez's scrapbook (were these photos came from) and Brian and my dad's (Louie) but am always looking for ones I haven't seen. I think I have some with Bill in, my dad speaks very highly of him. We used to watch Dave Pope in the 80's when he was riding with Jeff Measor, great times too.

  2. Hi Lewis sorry its taken a while to get back but have been looking through our pics we have only got a few of the ones like yours above and one of Liam our son on the bike outside the house, I have scanned it and was trying to make it bigger to send to you but cant make it any bigger. I have also tried to attach to this but cant, would have to e mail it to you, unfortunately my computer literacy only extends so far!! Liam is fired up and would love to get hold of my fathers videos so that we could have an evening watching them but the one we have is very jumpy as it has been tranferred from cine film to video. My father used to film each week when we were racing and has quite a few reels of film but they are up in the loft so I would have to ask Jez about them. Liz

  3. Ok...well, I might be able to find someone who can transfer them, my fiancee works in visual visual effects for film and she might be able to get someone in her company to do it, I'll look into that. I'm quite often back down my dad's and he only lives around the corner from your mum now i believe, do you still live in the area? I'm trying to arrange going out for a drink with my dad and brian next time i'm down, I'm sure they'd love to see you bill, and Liam..maybe i could borrow the photos and scan them? It would only take a few mins so i could give them back to you that night? I'd still love to see the video you have even if it is jumpy! this stuff really is like the holy grail for me, did you notice the blog post on here about the guy on ebay i bought an old program from a meeting at Portsmouth airport off? he ended up sending some photos he had taken on the day of my dad and brian!! it must be what it feels like to find buried treasure, i was over the moon.
    Speak to you soon

  4. hi lewis that is brilliant that he had taken pics of your dad as well having the programme, bill has got some programmes to give to you mind they are from 1990,1987,1992,1995 and the 1980 British grasstrack championship final round which you might not want but you are welcome to if you want them, we have had the video transferred to dvd and he has kept the video so you can have it and do with it what you want. Bill would enjoy meeting up with you and your Dad when you are next down.

  5. yes we live in Clanfield and as you say Dad is only up the road from Mum so we are close by.

  6. That's great news, I'm more excited than you can imagine to see the video! just to get an actual moving visual image of the time, sadly i can't remember anything from being in the pits when i was really little. the programmes would be most welcome, the late 80's / early nineties was my big time for going to watch...Simon Wigg, Martin Hagon, Richard Piggott/ Tony Angelico, Jeff Measor/ Dave Pope. And dare i mention Roger Measor, nobody liked him because he was so ruthless but he did win a lot.

    hopefully should be down in the next few weeks. My e-mail is lewis75uk@yahoo.co.uk if you want to send me your contact details on that?

  7. hi all,wow great pics lewis.i dont remeber much about those days as i wasnt born until 75,but i do remember the smell,and playing with all of dads laurels he used to keep in attic.liz could i please please get a copy of your dvd,dad had a dvd but lent it to someone and has never seen it since,he has now forgotton who may have it,i wonder if it is the same footage?is mum in it in a van with phillip?and my uncle paul is also on it.bless dad he had a big crash whilst racing in barnstable devon,he is still suffering from that crash with his neck,as there is permenant damage to it.did u know there is a well known cafe in london to the bikers,it has a picture on the wall of dad and jez xx

  8. hi rebecca I am sure you could have a copy the only trouble is we had to pay about £25 for it I dont know if anyone can do copies, your mum was in the van in one of the pics it is sad that dad isnt around anymore cos he would have been able to do copies for everyone and would be able to look out loads of cinefilm for us all, he was so ahead of his time in the filming that he did.

  9. hey Rebecca,

    I have found a way to copy the footage, i should be able to get you a copy next time i'm back down my dad's