Thursday, 8 November 2012

On some rare occasions in the late 80's / early 90's Grass-track actually made it on to the telly. Here's a clip from one of those occasions, Steve Smith and John Mitten winning a heat at the british masters on their Yamaha TZ750 outfit. Cheers for the heads up Geoff.

Talking of TZ750's. This is great. King Kenny. Some great vintage flat-tracking footage in the middle of the clip.

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  1. The howl of that Steve Smith TZ750 outfit was imprinted on my brain since i first saw it all those years ago. I also helped push start one of the first TZ700 Road Racers (forerunner of the TZ750) down a small side street where my mate lived in suburbia in the early 70s. I'm sure the crackle of those four un-silenced expansion chambers (no silencers in those days!) when it fired up was still ringing in my head a few days later! Happy days! Geoff.